Playful Monkey Scoop Tote Bag


If the monkey is your spirit animal then it would be fair to say you’re a playful light hearted soul. A powerful symbol of good luck the meaning of the monkey seeks to awaken your youthful and cheerful spirit, and the inner child in you…and the Playful monkey design tote and pouches are designed to express just that.

The unique silhouette allows this spacious tote to be worn over the shoulder or comfortably carried in the hand, while the pin-tucked pleating adds an air of elegance.

Lined with a dusty mauve cotton along with a generous size inside pocket to ensure you’re not searching for your purse, phone or keys.


Makes for a thoughtfully handcrafted gift for those gorgeous gals in your life.




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  • Durable Cotton-linen
  • Custom designed fabric
  • Dusty mauve cotton lining
  • Original ‘Playful Monkey’ design
  • Generous size inner pocket

Dimensions 48 × 38 cm


  1. Sharon Blance

    I bought the monkey tote from Mel and I simply LOVE it! Literally my favourite bag and those monkeys make me smile every time i look at them. The colours are lovely, the background colour i would describe as ‘pale peach’ and goes great with the pinks and greens of the pattern. Calling it a ‘tote’ doesn’t really do it justice – the bag design is so unique, it’s clearly very well-made, and so much thought and extra detail put in, from the lining and inner pocket to the little pintucks in the side seams that elevate it from just a ‘tote’ to a beautiful design piece, more of a fun casual handbag really. I’ve had many comments from friends on how awesome and unique it is.

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